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  • Alhambra 1925

    A super premium natural, additive-free, artisanal beer with an unique personality delivered in an unique bottle. Full-bodied, extra smooth with a rich, highly agreeable taste for the demanding yet discerning palate. suitable for any occasion.
  • Asahi

    Asahi Super Dry - the beer for all seasons and all occasions. Asahi beer is brewed from quality ingredients using pure cultured yeast and advanced brewing techniques. Asahi beer has excellent richness, is truly refreshing and so smooth.
  • Budvar

    Budvar is a Czech lager with historical pedigree. Never brewed on license, but only its place of origin Budvar is a golden colour with a distinct pure malt aroma and rich hop accent. Unique with mild bitterness and a medium to full flavour.
  • Cisk Lager

    YETI IMPERIAL STOUT is an onslaught of the senses. It starts with big, roasty malt flavor that gives way to rich caramel and toffee notes. YETI gets its bold hop character from an enormous quantity of American hops. It weighs in at a hefty 75 IBUs.
  • Corona

    Corona is famous around the world for its refreshing taste. It displays a well-rounded character with pleasant malt and hop aromas. Garnish with a wedge of lime to heighten the aromas and find some sunshine.
  • Erdinger Hefeweizen

    Erdinger Weissbier ‘with fine yeast’ is not only the undisputed classic in the Erdinger product range, it is also quite simply the wheat beer par excellence. It is brewed using fine yeast according to a traditional recipe and, of course, in strict accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law. Even today, the beer is still bottle-fermented in the traditional way it takes three to four weeks for Erdinger Weissbier ‘with fine yeast’ to mature. Only the finest ingredients are used in its production. Years of experience and constant quality checks guarantee the beer’s unmistakable flavor. A wheat beer for those who love outstanding and unforgettable wheat beer flavor.
  • Heineken

    The ever-popular flagship brew of Dutch brewing giant Heineken International. Crisp, clean and refreshing, this ever-popular beer is a classic European style lager.
  • Krombacher Pils

    A Premium Pilsner beer of acknowledged high and exclusive product quality and is brewed as natural as no other Pilsner beer. Brewed only with natural spring water, which guarantees a particular full flavor and fresh taste.
  • Lion Red

    Lion Red is a full bodied, malt flavour beer that is balanced with a pleasant hop bitterness that appeals to all beer drinkers. Lion Red’s robust maltiness matches the full flavour of red meat dishes and it is the ideal drink with rich, hearty casseroles. Enjoy this great Kiwi classic with typical Kiwi lamb dishes and steaks.
  • Moritz

    The water used to make Moritz is 100% natural spring water sourced from the Font d’Or in Montseny – Guilleries National Park, north of Barcelona. Hops flowers are used instead of extract, making the beer more pure and aromatic. As for the taste: this lager is clean and pale, a hint of sweet malt with delicate citric hops. It has a lovely balance of sweet and bitter and is very drinkable. Often described as sunshine in a bottle.
  • Peroni

    Peroni Nastro Azzurro was born in Rome in 1963 with the purpose of bringing effortless Italian style to the world of beer and uses only the finest ingredients, including the proprietary Nostrano Dell’ Isola maize, to deliver a crisp and refreshing beer with a delicate balance of bitterness, citrus and spicy aromatic notes, combined with a surprisingly fast and clean finish.
  • Peroni Red

    Peroni Red Label beer is a premium golden-yellow lager brewed using the finest barley, malts and hops. It has a slightly bitter taste, but is a refreshing and crisp beer, smooth and full of flavour.
  • Stella

    The unique Stella Artois yeast strain adds a light to moderate fruity, cooked pineapple aroma and creates a clean, crisp medium bodied flavour with hints of cooked vegetable. The Saaz hop also produces a unique bitterness, which is well balanced with the malted barley, giving Stella Artois a subtle but pleasant grainy, sweet finish.
  • Tecate Cans

    Dos Equis' sister brand Tecate was the world's first beer brand to encourage its drinkers to add a wedge of lime to a can of beer. The brewery introduced this innovation in the 1950s and it was an immediate hit with Tecate drinkers.  Tecate with lime was so successful that in time it became the accepted way to serve all Mexican beers.